Automatic Labelling Machines

Aimed to meet the needs of every potential client, Dix Engineering can construct a variety of automatic models to suit labels of varying widths and sizes.
The high-speed automatic machines are capable of labelling 50-900 pieces of product per minute, and can be used to label punnets, drink containers and boxes as well as produce. Each labeller pivots independently to facilitate easy change of label rolls.
The labellers are self-contained, requiring only a light frame and a single-phase power supply for installation. A quick release mechanism enables easy removal of the labeller for maintenance.
In addition, the labeller can be mounted on a variety of graders, singulators and conveyors, and if the product is presented accurately to the labeller, strike rates will exceed 95 per cent.
Our automatic labellers can produce labels of up to 85mm wide tape and label pitches to 150mm and beyond.Dix Engineering cover their labellers with a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase, in the unlikely event of failure or breakdown.

LB5 Hi Speed Automatic Label Applicator

While for the past 10 years, Dix Engineering has been synonymous with our LBF-4 model applicator, we have updated the design to produce the LB5 to catch up with consumer demand.

The LB5 applicator was designed around the proven ease of use and reliability of our previous models. While interchangeable on to the same mounting frame, the internals have been completely re-engineered using the latest technology. However, the same label roll sizes may be used as on the earlier models.

The applicator housing has been changed to allow for a higher mounting frame, catering for a wider range of product size. Having a more open design and fewer rollers, threading the tape has been made faster and simpler.

Typical applications:


Capability: 50 – 900 labels per minute
5 – 90 metres per minute synchronous
Labels: 17 – 25mm wide tape and 10 – 25mm pitch
Option: up to 85mm wide tape and 150mm pitch
Label Rolls: 300mm OD x 50.8mm (2*) ID Core
Printing: Stamping or coding attachment available
Power Supply: 240 volt, 50Hz, 1 amp
Weight: 12 kilograms
Accurate: Strike rates of 95% + possible.

Features and benefits: