The Foundry

More than 80 years of experience and knowledge has helped the Dix Engineering foundry to become the manufacturing hub it is today.

The team can produce a wide range of metal castings, to serve an array of industries including mining, water and irrigation.

We pride ourselves on being a foundry one-stop-shop, providing a wide range of our own products, support services and machining services.

Dix can also build castings to the specifications of our clients as a jobbing foundry for small to medium volume production runs.

Whatever the size of your project, our team is ready to work with you to provide a quality product on-time and at the most cost-effective price.


Cast fittings are made in the Dix foundry from T200 grade cast iron, and bitumen dipped for the longest possible life span.

The casting process involves heating the metal until it becomes liquid, after which it is then poured into moulds to achieve the required shape. After casting, the parts may then be machined and heat treated to achieve dimensional and strength characteristics.  

Dix Engineering supplies cast iron, aluminum and bronze castings for specific applications. Our capacity ranges from mould size up to 100kgs. We also provide an in-house pattern and core making service.  

Dix Engineering can assist with the products listed below:
* Fittings to suit PE, PVC, CI and AC pipe
* Bitumen coated – can be powder or epoxy coated on request to suit specific requirements. This process ensures cast fittings are corrosion resistant and improves thread sealing
* Tapping saddles – 304 and 316 stainless steel straps available
* Rubber seals manufactured to AS1646 ‘elastomeric seals for waterworks purposes. Saddle and seal are curved to match the pipe diameter. Distributes load evenly and supports pipe
* Rated to match original pipe specifications
* Made to order fabrications of fittings available.

Our complete product range includes tapping saddles, weld on spigots, gibaults, flanges and air release valves.

Typical applications:

Product range:

Features and benefits:

Repairs and restorations

Dix Engineering can produce a range of components for all restoration purposes.

Whether it be the field of mining, water utilities, irrigation systems, cooling water systems or industrial water supply, the team at Dix can fix the problem.

Using only the best quality materials, we can restore the casting or the component to its previous level of operation.

However, if you would prefer new castings manufactured in the Dix foundry, our cast fittings are made to the highest possible standard and designed to be long-lasting and dependable.

If you don’t see what you need for your project listed on the website or in the catalogue, don’t hesitate to contact Dix Engineering and we have the capacity to custom make it for you.